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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Generating HTML report for NUnit with Nant

In my earlier post we saw how we can get the NUnit runner with our Visual Studio 2010 ultimate.

Now let's look at how to generate reports in html format.

Steps invloved in generating a html report for nunit tests :

1. Download Nunit2report from http://sourceforge.net/projects/nunit2report/ and unzip it to a location just like in the screen shot

2. Download Nant from http://nant.sourceforge.net/ if you don't have already place it in a location suitable to you

3. Once you are in Nunit2Report bin directory - You must have these files just like i have in screen shot

4. Copy all files from the bin directory of Nunit2Report to Nant/bin directory - Just as in screen shot

5. Add reference to Nant with Visual Studio 2010

6. Click on Tools Menu in Visual Studio and click on External Tools - Just like in Screen shot

7. Add details just like i have entered in the external tools configuration for nant

8. You can either follow step 7 for integrating Nant with Visual studio or just create a batch file with details $NANT_HOME\bin\nant.exe -buildfile

9. Let's look at how our build file looks - Have a look at the screen shot

10. You should see a nice html report - Just like screen shot

11. We can add a task to email results as well using the mail task
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Integrate Nunit With Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate IDE

How to Integrate Nunit with Visual Studio :

1. Download Nunit from http://nunit.org/?p=download

2. I have Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 IDE have tried only with this not sure if it works well with other versions former or later.

3. Go To Tools Menu >> External Tools.

3.a It would look like this

4. Click on Add - Enter Details as specified based on your system settings - Have a look at the picture

4.a Click on Apply & then OK

5. Click on Customize - Check Against Nunit and then close

5.a Have a look at the picture

6. You should be able to see Nunit within your Tools Menu

7. Click on Tools > Nunit - You will see GUI open up

7.a Just like the one in the screen shot

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Getting started with WebDriver C# & Visual studio

With new changes in work environment & Agility comes change in technology & moving on from your usual traits

To explore & challenge yourself with new paths.. Ahh am going to philosophical :)

Let's get started with WebDriver C# - It took a while for me to move from jars to dll's, API's to

Assemblies,Packages to namespace ...But must say have gone past the initial hiccups..

It looks all well now, Hence blogging my experiences :) as i could hardly find any help on C#.

List of Things to do before plunging in :

1. Download webDriver for .NET from http://code.google.com/p/selenium/downloads/list

2. We have licensed Visual studio ultimate 2010 as IDE,If you don't have one you can download Visual studio Express

3. You can either write in NUnit framework or in Microsoft's Test tools in Visual studio

4. Download Nunit from here based on the operating system you are in


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